New gadgets bask in the post-eclipse glow

How are your eyes feeling? Lots of people hit up Google about eye problems after last week’s eclipse, but hopefully, they’re feeling better now. If so, you can use your healed-up eyes to check out the stuff that happened in the tech world last week. Listening to the new Taylor Swift single on repeat while you read it is totally optional.

Tight fit

 Fitbit released a new smartwatch and fitness tracker called the Ionic. It promises an impressive four days of battery on a full charge, as well as a new platform for third party apps, and will cost $299 when it launches in October. That makes it more expensive than the original Apple Watch, so it has some work to do if it wants to impress the wearables crowd.

Cookie robot

The new version of Android is officially named Oreo and will start rolling out to devices in its final version soon. If you have a phone that runs a stock version of the OS, like the Google Pixel, you’ll likely be in the first wave to receive the update. If you have a different phone, it will roll out whenever the magic wizard casts the appropriate spell to make it compatible with your device, or however it is they figure that out.

Classy cans

Audio-Technica’s new flagship headphones, the ATH-ADX5000, cost $2,000 and come in their own luxurious suitcase for travel and storage. They’re open-back headphones, which audiophiles enjoy for their ability to crank out high-fidelity sound.

Stick joy

If you’re sick of losing at Overwatch on Xbox Live, you can pick up Razer’s new Wolverine Ultimate controller, which has a cadre of customizable triggers and buttons to tweak your controls. It also has customizable lighting colors and swappable thumb sticks. All that tweakability will cost you $159, which is slightly more expensive than Microsoft’s own Xbox One Elite controller.